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Glen Burnie is an area of Anne Arundel County in Maryland and a well-known suburb of Baltimore. It’s estimated that the population of Glen Burnie is just over 67,000 people. This community has continued to grow over the years and as employment opportunities have grown in the greater Baltimore area. Glen Bernie also maintains the nickname of the chrome city. This name is derived from the numerous amount of car dealerships and auto repair shops that can be found along Route 40. Chrome city is the common nickname of this area because it is heavily recognized as one of the top automotive capitals of Maryland. MVA and other major chains call Glen Burnie home.

Glen Burnie Maryland Garage doors

There are many large communities across Glen Bernie that include Point Pleasant, Ferndale, Fox Chase, Glen Wood, Southgate and more. Each of these communities has created a unique place to live within Glen Burnie many of them have their own unique schools and a plethora of different stores in shopping centers for the residents.

Generally the climate in Glen Bernie allows for cooler but relatively mild winters but hotter summers. This area does not receive the same amount of rain of some of the other communities located close by.

Glen Burnie garage door repair

If you need the best garage door repair experts in Glen Burnie the first people that you should consider calling is Pops garage door experts include Glen Burnie as part of their service area and have been working in this area for many years. Pop’s service experts know all about the weather in Maryland as well as which type of garage doors or a great fit for Maryland residents. If you are a residential client that needs repairs on your garage door in Glen Burnie, consult the experts at Pops garage door for a quote today. We use only original manufacturer materials in our repairs and we warrantee every one of the repairs that we do for our residential clients.

Commercial garage door repair in Glen Bernie

If you run a commercial business and you require support for your commercial garage doors. We have the parts to improve your current situation. If your business is currently down as a result of a broken garage door, contact Pops immediately and we can send out a service truck to your location. With a wealth of experience in commercial garage doors throughout Maryland, we can install the correct parts to get your business back up and running and at an extremely affordable price. Contact our staff today to learn more about commercial garage door repair in Glen Burnie.

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