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Your garage door springs are very important for the safe and efficient operation of the garage doors. Unfortunately, most homeowners have very limited knowledge about the springs and how to take good care of them so as to enhance their longevity.

At Pop’s Garage Doors, we are experts when it comes to garage door installation and maintenance, and we will not just help you choose the right springs, but also ensure safe installation and repair and maintenance services as shall be appropriate.

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Types of Garage Door Springs

There are principally two types of garage door springs and they include the following-:

Extension Springs – Extension springs are found just above the upper horizontal tracks on both sides of the door. The springs are mainly common in residential garage doors where they provide the counter balancing force needed when the door is opening. They should always be paired with safety cables, whose duty is to prevent the springs from becoming a projectile and cause accidents or injuries whenever there is a bottom bucket, cable or spring failure.

Torsion springs – Extension springs are to stretch or extend while the torsion springs raise the garage doors using torque. They are normally attached just above the garage opening and the coil and twist on their shaft each time force is applied to the door via a motorized means or by hand.

Which spring is the best?

In most applications, extension springs are the widely used option in most residential garage doors, simply because they are relatively cheaper. However, they come with lots of exposed parts, which in turn introduce a variety of risks in the event of their failure.

Torsion springs on the other hand can support more weight and are longer than the extension springs. They have a greater balance, are easy to operate and since they are in an enclosed box, they are relatively safer.

Choosing the right one therefore requires expert consideration in evaluating your needs, the type of the door as well as the cost implication. Call us now for more information about the garage door springs or for further guidance on choosing the right one.