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Fairfax is an area with a population of just over 24,000 people. This area which is located in Northern Virginia is part of the Washington Arlington Alexandria statistical area. Fairfax is located just 17 miles from Washington DC and the Orange line actually provides regular services directly into the Fairfax downtown core from Washington. As a result of this excellent transportation service it possible for many individuals that work in government to make their way to Fairfax and the surrounding area from Washington for work. 

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Fairfax was originally designed to be a historical border city and a summer road Washington DC and there are a number of large sites that register on a national list of historic places here.

Some of the most important buildings in this area include the city of Fairfax historic district hall, the old Fairfax Courthouse, the County jail, Blenheim and the 29 diner. Many of these historical sites were built in the 1800s with 29 diner having been established in the year 1947.

Fairfax is now home to a redevelopment plan which began in the year 2005 since that time the population has grown consistently around 6% every year. There are many small companies within Fairfax including the city that provide employment to local residents. The vast majority of Fairfax residents do commute into neighboring communities for work.

Residential garage door services

Pops garage door has long provided services to the greater Fairfax area. As a company that is committed to top quality for all residential and commercial clients Pops can deliver the best installation services and repair services for any type of garage door in Fairfax and the surrounding area. If you are interested in a garage door that will add value to your home as well as provide you with consistent service through the lifespan of your property, Pops can make the best manufacturer recommendations for your residential garage door. Pops service technicians can provide repair services as well as full installation services for some of the most advanced garage door systems on the market.

Commercial garage door services

Pops can also provide support to businesses who require extensive garage door installations or repair. Pops can create custom solutions for retailers, manufacturers and other commercial garage door installations. With a wealth of repair knowledge and a huge inventory of custom garage door installations for corporations. Pops has worked with many local employers in Fairfax and the surrounding area.

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