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Alexandra Virginia is an area that remains part of the Commonwealth of Virginia with a population of over 139,000 people. Alexander is located along the banks of the Potomac river and just 7 miles to the south of Washington DC. With a community that is located so close to the nations capital a number of high-profile political names have made their way here. Alexander has been heavily influenced by its close proximity to Washington DC and a number of the professionals living here working federal service, the US military and more. 

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Alexandra contained some of the largest populations of active US Department of Defense service workers as well as the official location of the trademark and patent office in the United States.

At the center of Alexander we find old town which is filled with a number of unique antique shops, theaters and restaurants and boutiques. Many of Alexandra’s neighborhoods are split up into their own unique feel and districts and each one is well worth exploring.

In the year 2008 Alexandra adopted an eco-city charter which was a commitment by each of the residence to maintain sustainability for the future. All residents are taking on an initiative for the optimal use of minimizing pollution, water consumption and energy.

Residential garage door installations

As a means of supporting the eco-city charter you may want to consider the installation of a brand-new garage door from Pops garage doors. If your garage door is aging in Alexandra Virginia, it could be a good idea to replace your garage door in the opener with a brand-new and more efficient model. High-quality residential garage doors today are better at trapping in heat and cool air reducing your energy consumption. Top quality openers now come with timers as well as more efficient motors which can drastically improve the quality of energy usage by your garage door opener. Contact Pops service professionals today to learn more about how an energy-efficient garage door can be more eco-friendly.

Commercial garage door installations

If your commercial facilities still using an old and uninsulated garage door you could be spending countless amounts of money on your energy bills. With the help of Pops barrage door installations you can enjoy a commercial garage door that keeps your commercial property better temperature regulated. Get a commercial garage door which is far more effective for your business and much more energy-efficient today!

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