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If you have an older style garage door that is still working great view may be extremely hesitant to consider replacing your garage door immediately. There are however some huge advantages that come with a brand-new garage door and a top-quality garage door opener. Rather than simply settling for garage door that’s over a decade old, here are some of the top advantages that a modern garage door could provide for your home or your commercial business:

An upgrade in security:

Many of the top garage doors today come with rotating security codes if the help of these codes ensures that every time your garage door opens or is accessed the code will change. Older-style garage door openers can be accessed with the help of reprogramming a standard remote or a few exploits which are available on almost any type of smartphone. Newer garage door openers are designed for the utmost insecurity and with the rotating code feature, you won’t run the risk that your neighbors or a potential burglar could access your home through the garage door.

Improving efficiency:

A brand-new garage door can be installed with more efficient insulation options than what was available in the past. Installing a brand-new garage door will ensure that you can reduce your cooling costs and your heating costs with a door that is designed to seal far better as well as retain better temperatures inside your garage. Many homeowners the replacer garage doors now feel more comfortable in the garage and have noticed a huge difference in the heating and cooling budget that their home or business requires.

Improving the value of your home:

A brand-new garage door could add a huge value to your home because it will result in a decrease in maintenance. An upgraded garage door can retain up to 75% of the cost in the resale of a home because it drastically improves curb appeal and new homeowners can see value in the efficiency savings and security improvements that a brand-new garage door and opener will provide.

Adding your own style:

Newer-style garage doors can really change the look of your home and can allow you to really customize the look of your home as well. With a brand-new garage door installation, you could have a full garage or that contains windows, colors in all different types of vinyl, or even a natural wood stain. Having access to many of these top options to help you really improve the look of your home and finally change it to a configuration you’ve always wanted.

Keep some of these top reasons for updating an aging garage door. Contact Pop’s if you require garage door installation at your home or business.