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If you are experiencing problems with your garage door and you are wondering why it might not be opening, you may be surprised to know that sometimes fixing your garage or may be extremely simple for troubleshooting. Here are some of the top common reasons why your garage door might not be opening:

The batteries in your remote: If you have tried your remote many times over you may want to consider trying the indoor remote inside the house or the remote keypad on the outside of your home. Checking the batteries in your remote and changing them out if the garage door does open could be all that you need to get it working again with your car remote or keychain remote.

Checking photo eyes:

On occasion the small photo eyes underneath each door can come out of alignment if something hits them or the fasteners become loose. When these infrared photo eyes get covered in dust or transmit their invisible beam into an object when they are out of alignment, your garage door will not open or close. These safety measures are generally designed to ensure that your garage door doesn’t close on your car or on an object that’s blocking its path. Check the photo eyes for any signs of dust and make sure that they are in alignment. When cleaning the photo eye remember that it’s made of glass similar to that of a camera lens so be sure to delicately clean it off to prevent scratches and further damage.

Transmitter has been reset:

Sometimes your remote transmitter will have a button on it to reset the code to a new garage door. If this has been pressed by accident you may have to reprogram your garage or by holding a button on the opener as well as on the remote. The user manual for your garage door opener will often tell you how to reprogram the remote if you have accidentally changed the code settings to search for a new garage door with your remote.

Limit settings have changed:

If your garage door closes all the way but then goes right up again and the infrared eyes have been cleaned, it may need to be fully reset. Sometimes limit range options within the garage door can be changed and this will change the limit close settings in the opener. There are generally dials and adjustments on your garage door opener that can be used to change these limit settings but this is a task usually best left to professionals.

Keep some of these top common reasons in mind for why your garage door may not be opening or closing. If you have checked through some of these basic options and your garage or might not be opening, it could be time to contact a professional like Pop’s Garage Doors for immediate repairs.