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Common breakdowns and issues that occur to garage doors

Common breakdowns and issues that occur to garage doors in Maryland, and how you can get your door back up and running quickly.
Garage doors are incredibly heavy, and when something goes wrong, you need a professional you can trust to fix your garage door problem quickly, trying to fix your garage door by yourself without the proper tools and knowledge can be dangerous.
Your garage door is the largest moving object in your home, and when it breaks, it can be a real inconvenience.

Professional fixes a garage door

What can brake in your garage door

Garage doors are made up of multiple parts, all working together. When something goes wrong, it’s usually because of one of these parts.
Garage door springs are one of the parts that most often break. Garage door springs help to counterbalance the weight of the door. When a spring breaks, it can be difficult to lift the door.
If your garage door doesn’t open or close all the way, the problem may be with the garage door opener. The garage door opener sends a signal to the garage door opener motor to open or close the door.
The garage door track is the rail on which the garage door rolls. Over time, garage doors can develop dents and bend in the track. These dents can cause the door to become stuck or won’t open or close.
Your garage door rollers are metal tracks that guide the garage door along the track. The rollers connect to the springs, and when either of these parts break, the rollers can break as well.

Checking the garage door opener

If your garage door opener remote isn’t working, the problem could be with the remote itself or with the garage door opener itself.
Garage door sensors detect if something is blocking the door from closing. When the sensors are damaged, they won’t be able to send signals to the garage door opener.
Garage door cables run along the garage door tracks. The cables are connected to the garage door springs. When a spring breaks, the cables can snap.

Wear and tear 

Garage door tracks can become bent or dented, which can cause the door to get stuck.
Garage door hinges are the metal pieces that connect the garage door to the frame. Garage door hinges can break or become loose over time.
If your garage door isn’t opening and closing, the problem could be with the garage door opener motor.

Professional fixes a garage door with the right tools

Find the right expert

These are the most common problems that can occur with garage doors. If your door is malfunctioning, call us at pop’s garage doors at 443-407-8702 for same-day garage door repairs in Maryland and Baltimore area.