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Pop’s garage door has garage door installations which are available to suit almost any type of budget. While there are huge variances in the price of certain products that our staff has access to, we commonly get questions on what the difference between some of the more expensive garage door installations are vs some of the more affordable garage door options that we have. A budget friendly garage door is a great option to get set up with it an extremely affordable garage door at spending a bit more could present you with some of these huge upgrades:

Good garage door improves heating and efficiency

New style garage doors that feature upgraded insulation can really help out during the summer as well as during the winter. With an older style garage door or simply a thinly insulated affordable garage door, you may notice that the temperature in your garage is consistently much lower than the rest of your home. Upgraded garage doors that have excess installation can really help you to keep temperature control in your home and see future savings in your utility bills.

Greater strength and more durable garage doors

A common problem that many inexpensive garage doors face is with strength. An upgraded garage door system will be able to stand up to a much greater amount of punishment and greater levels of security from rodents and other intruders. Thin and inexpensive garage doors can often be easy to break into an older style garage doors can also be a huge target for animals seeking heat or cooler environments during the winter and summer months.

Better noise levels

Upgraded garage door openers are designed with decibel range in mind. With a garage door that is designed to open more quietly it’s possible to have a garage or that won’t disturb everyone else in the house during its opening. Upgraded garage doors with thicker insulation are also much better at blocking noise for the outside. This means that if you wanted to use your garage and play a stereo inside or as a man cave with a living room, your neighbors likely won’t hear the same amount of noise.

Improved security options

Garage doors that you spend a bit of money to upgrade will often come with rotating code technology for your garage door opener as well as a series of added features on the remotes. With security options that are improved it’s possible that your garage door will be far less susceptible to various attacks and exploits.

Better aesthetic options

Upgraded garage doors can come with improved aesthetic options such as the option for wooden garage doors, window panes in the garage door and more. With the help of these top-quality options you can improve the resale value of your home as well as the look of your home.

Consider some of these top reasons and more for spending a little bit extra and upgrading your garage door installation. Keep in mind that Pop’s garage doors has access to a wide selection of inventory options for any type of garage door install.